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Ariana Greenblatt Stars In New 'The Boss Baby: Family Business' Trailer!

Ariana Greenblatt is lending her voice to the upcoming Boss Baby sequel!

The 13-year-old actress has so many movies coming out this year, including The Boss Baby: Family Business, which is out NEXT Friday (July 2).

A new trailer for the animated feature was just released, and you can get more of a glimpse at Ariana‘s character Tabitha.

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First Look at Ariana Greenblatt as Tiny Tina In 'Borderlands' Movie Revealed!

We have our first look at Ariana Greenblatt in the upcoming Borderlands movie!

The 13-year-old actress plays Tiny Tina in the new movie, which is based off of the video game of the same name, and features a stacked, superstar cast.

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'The Boss Baby: Family Business' Gets Funny New Poster & Trailer - Watch Now!

DreamWorks just released a brand new trailer for the upcoming sequel The Boss Baby: Family Business!

The studio also debuted a hilarious new poster featuring Ted in just his undergarments.

In the upcoming movie, the Templeton brothers—Tim (James Marsden) and his Boss Baby little bro Ted (Alec Baldwin)—have become adults and drifted away from each other. Tim is now a married stay-at-home dad. Ted is a hedge fund CEO. But a new boss baby with a cutting-edge approach and a can-do attitude is about to bring them together again … and inspire a new family business.

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Gina Rodriguez & Ariana Greenblatt Star In The Intense Trailer For 'Awake'

The trailer for Gina Rodriguez and Ariana Greenblatt‘s upcoming movie Awake has just been released!

The on screen mother-daughter duo will be joined by Frances Fisher, Shamier Anderson, Finn Jones, Lucius Hoyos, Gil Bellows, with Barry Pepper and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Here’s a synopsis: Global hysteria ensues after a mysterious catastrophe wipes out all electronics and takes away humanity’s ability to sleep. Scientists race against the clock to find a cure for the unexplained insomnia before its fatal effects eliminate the human race. When Jill, a former soldier, discovers her young daughter may be the key to salvation, she must decide: protect her children at all costs or sacrifice everything to save the world.

Directed by Mark Raso, Awake will premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, June 9th.

If you missed it, Ariana has another new movie coming out this summer - In The Heights. Check out that trailer here!

‘Awake’ Trailer

Dylan O'Brien Reveals His Movie 'Love & Monsters' Is Heading To Netflix!

Yep, that’s right – Fans will soon be able to stream Dylan O’Brien‘s film Love & Monsters on Netflix!

It was just announced on Tuesday morning (March 16) that the sci-fi/action adventure comedy will make it’s way to the streaming service on April 14th for those outside of the US.

“Enjoy this completely jet lagged & quarantined announcement of #LoveAndMonsters coming to Netflix international April 14th,” Dylan shared on Twitter. “This film means a lot to us!!! It’s super fun and sweet and has a surprising amount of emojis that pertain to it.”

Love & Monsters also stars Ariana Greenblatt, Jessica Henwick, Michael Rooker and Dan Ewing.

Here’s a synopsis: Seven years after the Monsterpocalypse, Joel Dawson (O’Brien), along with the rest of humanity, has been living underground ever since giant creatures took control of the land. After reconnecting over radio with his high school girlfriend Aimee (Henwick), who is now 80 miles away at a coastal colony, Joel begins to fall for her again. As Joel realizes that there’s nothing left for him underground, he decides against all logic to venture out to Aimee, despite all the dangerous monsters that stand in his way.

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Gregory Diaz IV Stars In New 'In The Heights' Trailers - Watch Now!

Gregory Diaz IV is making a splash in two brand new trailers for his upcoming movie musical In The Heights!

The 15-year-old stars as Sonny in the film, which is the movie adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Tony-award winning Broadway musical.

Here’s a synopsis: Lights up on Washington Heights, a world very much of its place, but universal in its experience, where the streets are made of music and little dreams become big… The scent of a cafecito caliente hangs in the air just outside of the 181st Street subway stop, where a kaleidoscope of dreams rallies this vibrant and tight-knit community. At the intersection of it all is the likeable, magnetic bodega owner Usnavi, who saves every penny from his daily grind as he hopes, imagines and sings about a better life.

Also starring the film include Anthony Ramos in the lead role of Usnavi, Corey Hawkins as Benny, Leslie Grace as Nina, Melissa Barrera as Vanessa, Olga Merediz as Abuela Claudia, Daphne Rubin-Vega as Daniela, Stephanie Beatriz as Carla, Dascha Polanco as Cuca and Jimmy Smits as Kevin Rosario. Ariana Greenblatt is also in the movie as Young Nina, as well as Lin-Manuel as the Piragua Guy and Christopher Jackson.

In The Heights will be out in theaters and on HBO Max (for 31 days) on June 18th!

‘In The Heights’ – Washington Heights Trailer

‘In The Heights’ – Powerful Trailer

Ariana Greenblatt Cast As Tiny Tina In Upcoming 'Borderlands' Movie!

Ariana Greenblatt is building up her resume!!

The young actress has just been added to the cast of the upcoming Borderlands movie adaptation, Variety reports.

Ariana will play Tiny Tina in the Eli Roth-directed film, which is based off of the video game series of the same name, set in the distant future when four “Vault Hunters” travel to the distant planet of Pandora to hunt down an alien vault rumored to contain advanced alien technology.

“Ariana is a spectacular new talent in cinema,” Eli said in a statement. “She has already worked with many of my close collaborators and everyone raves about her. She blew us all away in her audition, and I cannot wait to see her bring the wild, insane and unpredictable Tiny Tina to the big screen. She’s going to blow up on screen like one of Tina’s grenades.”

Ariana joins a cast which includes Jack Black, Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The young star recently filmed a movie alongside Adam Driver, and her upcoming animated film The Boss Baby: Family Business will be released later this year!