Raven Takes Nia & Booker Driving In This Exclusive 'Raven's Home' Season Finale Clip

We have a hilarious, exclusive new clip from TONIGHT’s (May 21) new episode of Raven’s Home!

In this clip, Booker and Nia get their driver’s permits and go to their mom Raven and ask for driving lessons. (Can they STOP growing up please?!)

While out driving, the siblings show their very different driving styles, and Issac Ryan Brown even dished on driving in real life!

Issac has the first part of his permit IRL and dished about getting behind the wheel.

“My driving experience is different from Nia and Booker’s because my mom was super calm when I was behind the wheel, unlike my dad (lol),” he told us.

He also shared which sibling he’s more like in real life. “I’m definitely more like Booker in real life – very in the moment, caring and kind of childish.”

In the new episode, which is also the season finale, Booker and Nia have their learner’s permits, but Raven isn’t ready to teach them how to drive! When their dad comes to Chicago to help with driving lessons, Nia starts to wonder if she’s even ready to drive. Meanwhile, Chelsea reluctantly prepares Levi for his first trip alone to visit his dad in London.

The new ep isn’t all that’s premiering tonight… A fun Raven’s Home puppet short will air, voiced by the cast.

Titled, “Far Away from Raven’s Home,” the Baxter/Grayson family vacation goes hilariously awry. Issac shared what fans can expect…

“What viewers can expect from the puppet short is a fun new kind of adventure from our cast,” he dished to JJJ.

Tune in to Raven’s Home TONIGHT (May 21) at 8pm ET/PT on Disney Channel!

In case you missed it, Issac is co-hosting an upcoming competition series.

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