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Why Don't We Surprise Release New Song 'Slow Down' - Listen Now!

Why Don’t We dropped another song, “Slow Down,” from their upcoming new album The Good Times and The Bad Ones!

The five man band – Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais and Zach Herron – surprise released the track late Wednesday night (December 16).

“Surprise… #SlowDownOutNow,” the guys shared on Twitter.

“I hope this song brings you back to all the good times you’ve had, and makes you wanna have a million more #SlowDownOutNow,” Corbyn added on his own account.

The new song comes just after the second episode of the guys’ docu-series with YouTube, 30 Days With, was released. The web series follows the band “as they open up about their evolution, coping with the global pandemic while making music, music videos and everything that went into the creation of their highly anticipated album, The Good Times and The Bad Ones.” You can watch the episodes on their YouTube channel!

Why Don’t We – ‘Slow Down’

Tessa Brooks Co-Stars In Why Don't We's New 'Lotus Inn' Music Video!

Tessa Brooks and Jonah Marais cuddle up in bed in the new music video for Why Don’t We‘s “Lotus Inn“!

The song is the second track from the band’s upcoming second album The Good Times and The Bad Ones, which is out on January 15th.

“Lotus Inn music video out now 🥳 Congrats to these talented boyz @whydontwemusic it was so fun to apart of the vid so go check it out 🖤,” Tessa wrote on Instagram.

“‘Lotus Inn’ is a song we wrote to end our live show with, it has that epic encore feeling,” Jonah says. “We were inspired by the ‘lotus-eaters’ in ‘The Odyssey,’ and a scene from the first ‘Percy Jackson’ book/movie (‘The Lightning Thief’) where they get stuck in ‘The Lotus Hotel and Casino’ – indulging in lotus flowers and drinks before they realize a few hours had actually gone on for days. Our lyric ‘staying at the Lotus Inn’ captures the idea that while partying can be a hell of a time, it can definitely side track you.”

If you missed it, be sure to check out the big news about Why Don’t We and YouTube!!

Why Don’t We – ‘Lotus Inn’ Music Video

Why Don't We Announce New Album 'The Good Times & The Bad Ones'

Why Don’t We just revealed the title and release date of their second album!

The group – Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais and Zach Herron – announced the news that their album The Good Times and The Bad Ones will be out on January 15th.

“These last few years have been an absolute whirlwind for us. From moving out to LA as a band and touring the world, to falling in and out of love, and now being locked inside for months…” they wrote on Instagram.

“Life has been amazing, and equally tough. But you have to do your best to make something beautiful out of it all, so that’s what we did. We put everything into this album. We hope it helps you enjoy the good times and push through the bad ones. You can pre-order ‘The Good Times and The Bad Ones’ now and we’ll see you on @theellenshow tomorrow. Link in our bio.”

“Writing and co-producing our own music has been one of the most rewarding experiences for us,” Corbyn said in a statement. “In the past four years we’ve become confident enough to reinvent ourselves, becoming the band we always hoped to be.”

“It was time to do this ourselves,” Daniel added. “These are our ideas, melodies, and thoughts.”

Pre-order The Good Times and The Bad Ones right here!

Why Don’t We are also set to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (November 12), to perform their single “Fallin’,” but you can watch it right here now!

Why Don’t We Perform Fallin’ on ‘Ellen’

Why Don't We Sample Kanye West In New Song 'Fallin' - Watch The Music Video Now!

Why Don’t We have returned with their brand new single “Fallin’“!

The band – Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson, Zach Herron, Jonah Marais and Daniel Seavey – just dropped the first new song in over eight months.

Why Don’t We‘s new track actually samples beats from Kanye West, and they shared that he actually did clear them to use it.

“Yeah, the Kanye drums, when we first were writing the song, just fit in perfectly with the group we were going for,” the guys told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. “And it’s hard to beat those drums in that specific sample, in that pocket of rhythm. I think it actually happened ’cause we were writing it and someone was like ‘Oh, it sounds like it could be in this vibe’ and played it.”

“And we were like ‘Oh, what if we just got those in there?’ And luckily for us, Kanye did clear it. He was actually the first to clear. And then we come to find out there’s 15 other writers on the song, Daft Punk, but we did get it cleared.”

“That was amazing for us, the fact that they all were behind the song and cleared it and agreed with us using their drums was huge for us. It almost felt like they gave us their blessing in a way, it was like ‘Whoa, this is crazy.’”

Why Don’t We – Fallin’ Music Video

Why Don’t We also released a “making of” video for the song. Click inside to watch… More Here! »

Why Don't We Announce Their Return After Taking The Year Off To Focus On Music

Why Don’t We is BACK!!

Fans got excited on Tuesday (September 15) when the band – Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais and Zach Herron – announced their return on social media.

“we’re back,” they simply captioned a video of the guys in the studio.

“looking through the #welcomebackwdw and y’all are the sweetest. thank you so much for the love. i’m so excited,” Jonah wrote on Twitter.

If you didn’t know, as a band, the guys took the last eight months off of social media to focus on creating their new music. They did post on their individual accounts though.

“we’re taking the beginning of 2020 off to write and produce our next studio album. we’re so excited and we’ll see you soon,” they wrote on social media back in January.

The last video they released was for “Chills,” where Daniel stripped down for part of the video.

Daniel Seavey Strips Down In Why Don't We's New Music Video For 'Chills' - Watch Now!

Daniel Seavey is showing off his shirtless body in Why Don’t We‘s new “Chills” music video!

The visual follows the guys – Daniel, Corbyn Besson, Jack Avery, Zach Herron and Jonah Marais – in the woods of Oregon during the winter time.

Towards the end of the video, the guys get off a helicopter and jump into an iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour stop.

“Chills” is the last song Why Don’t We released for 2019, and the guys each looked back at the year with their own messages. See what they said!

The song was written alongside Michael Pollack, Michael Matosic and Jake Torrey, and produced by Earwulf. The music video was directed by their close friend Evan Hara.

Why Don’t We – ‘Chills’

Why Don't We Reveal Their Winter Plans at Z100 Jingle Ball 2019!

Why Don’t We strikes a cool pose at iHeartRadio’s 2019 Z100 Jingle Ball held at Madison Square Garden on Friday (December 13) in New York City!

The boy band – Daniel Seavey, Corbyn Besson, Jonah Marais, Zach Herron, and Jack Avery – took the stage for a performance at the All Access Lounge presented by Poland Spring Pre-Show at Pier 36.

They were joined at the event by singers AJ Mitchell, Spencer Sutherland, and Elle Winter, as well as TikTok star Charli D’Amelio.

“We’ve been around the whole world in 2019,” Jonah said. “I think we did like 94 shows, 92 shows on our tour, something like that. …Yeah, it was crazy.”

“We’re going to have our longest break that we’ve ever had… five months or something,” Jack added.

Watch below to hear what else they had to say!

Be sure to listen to Why Don’t We‘s magical new song “With You This Christmas” if you haven’t yet.

Why Don’t We Reveal Their Winter Plans

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